silly argument

St: typing

Friend: St do you know what your name means

St: Guardian genius?

Friend: -whack’s me upside the head- no shugo means guardian tensai means clamity or disaster

like I said silly argument


Happy Nanowrimo



Dear writers, It’s that time of the year. Yes, the National Novel Writing Month is here again. Forcing you to finish that book you’ve been wanting to write and with the added challenge of finishing it within the month.

Yes whether you are a pen and paper professional or a laptop enthusiast, this challenge is for you. I’ve always thought people who managed to do NaNoWriMo¬†every year were amazing. The dedication it takes to write a book with such a small time limit is impressive. And Now sitting around people with the sound of pens scribbling and keyboards clacking I can’t help but be excited.

If you’re the type of person who’s hesitant to write that book you’ve always wanted to write NaNoWriMo can help you with that, you’d be compelled finish that book and you’ll have fun doing it as well. The spirit of competition can be a good thing.

Every writer I know is participating and I wish them all the best. Happy writing everyone! And remember, you can do it!

Take A Chill Pill


credit Unsplash

So July is here and I’ve been pretty busy which led me to make this post.

It’s already the July and it feels like the months are zipping by which is why I am encouraging everyone to relax. In my Valentine’s post, I talked about how self-love is just as important as any other love. Yet it’s one aspect of love that is often neglected. So this weekend I am encouraging everyone to relax and just do something you enjoy. If you want to go fishing then go fishing, read a book? Go for it! This should be a weekend you take a break and forget about your boss or an approaching deadline (And believe me I know a lot about deadlines)

And if you’re at a loss for how to relax, say no more I got you

  1. Read a book (Fiction or Non-Fiction)
  2. Draw
  3. Paint
  4. Craft (I’ve been told that it’s very relaxing to let those creative juices flow)
  5. Sleep (My favorite so far )
  6. Play games (Both Video games and Board games)
  7. Watch a movie
  8. Stay in a relaxing environment
  9. Go to the Spa
  10. Journal

So these are just some of the suggestions I have, there is so much more to do so long as you enjoy it, do it.

And Happy New Month guys.

Happy April Fools

Well by the time I upload this April Fools will be gone, well I guess it’s my fault for being lazy so here I am at 2:00 trying to catch my yesterday even though 2:00 is technically today. Well that was confusing.

In the spirit of April Fools I hope everyone had a good time playing pranks. I had a particularly good one played on me but for the sake of my pride I’m not recounting it. Maybe next time or you know…Never.

Now for some fun facts about one of my most liked holidays.

April 1st used to originally be New Year’s Day, so in 1582 when the pope ordered a change of calendars a lot of people where left out of the loop prompting some of those who were told about the change to send them on what was called a fool’s errand. Those people wh went on these errands were later called…Yep you guessed it “April Fools” and the tradition has long continued since then, with people continuing to play tricks on each other during the ensuing years. I bet the Pope Gregory sure was proud of his calendar change. This makes me wonder if the holy man himself had a part in those tricks.

What do you guys think?

Happy valentines 

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday in the world except if you live in Asia where there is also white Day celebrated on March 14th.

I couldn’t celebrate Val’s day because I was trapped in class til 6 o’clock in the evening. Hope everyone who reads this had a happy Valentine’s Day celebration.

So this Valentine’s Day I was also reminded that it’s not just romantic love that should be observed but also the general love and care of others as well. My friends decided to go visit an orphanage and make several donations. I was really proud of them.

I was also reminded of a very important and often over looked kind of love, self love. A friend of mine who hasn’t been having the best luck decided she was going to take more time out of the week to do the things that made her happy. She told me she wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it for her. I gave my support and told her if she ever decided to take up a jewelry making class she should invite me along. It was nice to see her creative soul break free.

This year lets all remember to love one another a little more and to do more for our friends and family but we should also remember to love ourselves more too. Times will be tough and sometimes self love is what you need to pull through.

Back To School Blues

School has started up again, you can tell from the collective groans of teens and tweens everywhere. Even as a university student it sucks for me too. Homework is going to be pilling up soon and so are tests.

But there’s one thing about school starting that has got me positively psyched. Meeting up with friends. School may have more cons than pros but seeing the face of a good friend after the holidays, knowing that they’ll share your homework burdens, make you smile in that dull class or just be there to make the semester worthwhile is more than enough to get me to forget all about quizzes and projects. It’s always nice to know that you’re not alone in this and really what are friends for? 

I hope everyone has the friend that gets them through the days that seem to drag on and if you haven’t met that friend, this is the year to do it.

The most common New Years resolution

In the spirit of New Years everyone is making resolutions I decided to write this post. For anyone who doesn’t know what the tradition of New Years resolution is, it is a promise you make to yourself to be accomplished within the year. It’s okay if you don’t know, the idea is actually relatively new where I’m from.

Sometimes it’s hard to get ideas for things your really want to accomplish within the year and there’s nothing wrong with seeing what others are doing and learning from them. So in that vein I’m writing the most common New Years resolution from people around me.

1. Exercise more

2. Read more (Fiction and non fiction)

3. Draw more

4. Study more

5. Socialize more

6. Write more (Fiction and non fiction)

7. Post more (You can probably tell this is mine)

8. Pick up and instrument

9. Take up a sport

10. Learn a new language

11. Watch more anime

So there it is my list, of course there are more courageous and probably even more awesome resolutions being made this year. But this is for those who are interested in starting small or going with something a little classic.

Happy New Year Everyone

So it’s New Year’s Day and I’m so excited everyone’s throwing fireworks or hanging out with their families. I haven’t made any new year resolutions yet but I will today. I said before to make resolutions that you will be able to keep. I know that many people want to accomplish some great things this year but it’s always good to start small.

Happy new year everyone